“I’ve always said, that you succeed by solving more problems than the next guy. This is what makes Alan Rurik so good and why I think he loves his job so much.”


Steve Patterson

Owner, Patterson Properties, Sacramento

Steve moved his construction and institutional lending to Alan after a 20-year relationship with a national bank who felt “it was more about them than about their customers.”

He said that the national bank’s staff turnover, abrupt changes in policy, and other surprises undermined the integrity of their commitments, and put him in “an untenable position that you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy.”

“In one phone call I could tell that Alan had an in-depth knowledge of lending that could handle anything,” Steve said. “With his broad inventory of Lenders who meet my specs and requirements Alan is like a matchmaker, where before it was difficult to even get a first date with a lender!”

In Retail, tenant mixes and their qualifications matter to Lenders. Steve has found that Alan’s breadth of experience with Retail clients who have every imaginable tenant base creates credibility and trust with the Lenders, especially when tenant industries inherently do not have a tremendous net worth.

“Alan and the Capitalize team are adaptive; they’re a one-stop to cover all the niches in Retail with reliable sources you can grow with,” Steve added. “He understands the little guys and treats them with the same importance as big guys. I think it’s because of how we both started in the business; from entry-level through gaining perspective and wisdom that ultimately has created consistent successes.”

One of Steve’s projects with Capitalize:
Starbuck’s in Roseville, CA